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Wooden Desk

We Provide Money Orders 

Please note we only sell Money orders in bulk. Do not contact us asking to buy just one. Your request will be ignored.
We mainly sell money orders in bulk to resellers or cashiers who have a team of people working with them to cashout.

Price list is below

10 PCS - $1000
20 PCS - $1500
30 PCS - $1750
40 PCS - $2000
50 PCS - $2500

50 pieces is the maximum we ship.

All money orders we provide have a pre-printed amount to the value of $500USD

All money orders are Dispatched via Next Day Express Shipping

Each money order is provided blank with no name printed.

If you want us to print a name on the money orders for you before we ship it to you there is a fee of $50 - $250 USD to pay for this extra service,
Name printing service price guide depends on how many money orders you require.


Please note, previously we use to show customers video / picture proof of their completed money orders ready for dispatch before they pay for their order, Unfortunately due to the fact that a large number of rippers and scammers have contacted us lately pretending to be buyers and saying they want proof pictures / videos of money orders or proof of gsm skimmers pictures with their name written on paper when they have no intention of buying anything all they want is pictures / videos so they can reuse it to scam innocent people 

Customers are now required to pay 40% of the total cost of the money orders if they want to see proof pictures of the money orders first before they complete full payment

Once you have paid 40%  then we can proceed with issuing the money orders and record video proof for you

Once you are satisfied with the video proof then you pay the remainder 40% of your order and then we can ship the money orders to you.

Money Orders FAQ:

Question 1:  What country can I use these money orders?
Answer: Any country worldwide as long as you have a local western union store / check cashing store

Question 2: Can you issue GBP Money orders or EUR money orders instead of USD money orders?
Answer: Yes we can issue other currency money orders.

Question 3: Where can I cash out the money orders?
Answer: Any Western Union store worldwide or any store / shop where they offer Check Cashing services like Pawn Broker Shops.These money orders can also be deposited into a bank account using mobile check upload service.

Question 4: I am a cashier and I have 100 people working for me, can you give us some money orders for free so we can work for you and cash-out on a percentage basis?
Answer: NO! we do not offer such services. Contact someone else with your request.

Question 5:  If I order today then when will I receive the money orders? And do I need to pay any shipping fees?
Answer: NO! all shipping fees are calculated in the total price.



Please note; if you live in USA, then we will ship the money orders using FedEX Express Overnight Shipping Service which means you will receive your order the next day.

If you are based in UK, then we will use Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery which means you will receive your order the next day.
For all other countries shipping time is from 2-3 days Fast Shipping.

Order Money Orders Now

See VIDEO Proof Of Money Orders Here

You will need the FREE Telegram Messenger APP installed in your mobile device or LapTop / PC to view any video / Picture on our website, This is because all of our videos and picture proofs are hosted in our Telegram Group Chat. If you dont have Telegram Messenger then you can download it for free here: https://telegram.org/

Safety Reminder

We have received many complaints that many rippers are creating fake instagram accounts, fake telegram accounts and fake ICQ accounts and calling themselves MRUK2USA.

These rippers are stealing our official videos and creating fake accounts pretending to be us. PLEASE NOTE all orders must be completed on our website by [ clicking here ]

If you deal with someone claiming to be MRUK2USA and you send the person a payment without doing it on this website then there is a likely chance you are dealing with a fake and you are about to get scam / ripped.

Please make sure you only deal with us via our official email address '[email protected]' OR '[email protected]

There is nothing we can do if you decide to deal with someone claiming to be MRUK2USA but you dont confirm if he is legit by contacting the email address you see in all of our videos. 

Click below to see our official contact information.

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